What’s happening in Norton 2011

We are extremely eager to discharge Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus 2011. In the wake of experiencing a long time of Beta testing, getting input from our energetic Norton people group and joining quite a bit of that criticism, we are at last discharging what we believe are our best items to date.

While this post is to some degree like the 2011 Beta post, it has some significant increases that warrant an update.

2011 Security Features

Notoriety Scan

In our 2009 items, we presented Norton Insight which drastically improved execution by not examining known great documents.

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In 2010 items, we went above and beyond by utilizing notoriety information to check documents as great, terrible or obscure.

With 2011, we are upgrading this much more by giving calibrated notoriety data about documents and by enabling clients to play out a Reputation Scan of their records. You can do a brisk or full examine or a custom sweep of an organizer or a drive. When the sweep is done, you will perceive how your documents are appraised dependent on their Trust Levels, Age and Prevalence. Notoriety Scan will likewise look at your outcomes against the remainder of the Norton Community. It is an astounding instrument to give you a thought of your machine’s hazard profile.

For instance, in the screen capture over, my documents have better Trust Levels, Age and Prevalence esteems contrasted with the remainder of the network. I did this test on a spotless PC, and your outcomes will differ contingent upon what you have running on your PC.

You can likewise channel the outcomes and take a gander at just documents with low predominance or records that are new or have dubious or poor trust rating.

Output Facebook Wall – presently with Auto-Scan

We got incredible input from our Beta analyzers on the Scan Facebook Wall highlight.

Facebook has turned into a top social website on the web. An ever increasing number of individuals invest a ton of energy in Facebook, and this offers cybercriminals the chance to utilize Facebook to spread malware. We find out about these tricks each day.

This component gives clients a chance to examine their feed for vindictive URLs utilizing Norton Safe Web. You get a report of the sweep, which you can share on your Facebook Wall.

Since Beta, we have added the element to auto-examine your feeds. To exploit this element, click on the “Empower Auto-Scan” catch on the output outline page to have Safe Web check your News Feed for vindictive connections consistently and tell you if dangerous connections are found.

As we referenced when we proclaimed Beta with NAV/NIS 2011, we are making this element accessible to everybody for nothing regardless of whether you don’t have Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security. Feel free to run the sweep and post the outcomes on your divider.

Principle UI Improvements

Consistently, we put a great deal of work into making the Norton principle UI engaging and helpful. New in the 2011 items is the “Movement Map” include. Action Map indicates how Norton items ensured clients around the globe. It likewise enables you to take a gander at the top dangers or conveyance of risk location over the world in that time period.

Likewise, the fundamental UI additionally indicates you data about your Norton Online Family or Norton Online Backup status on the off chance that you are utilizing them. Furthermore you can see insights concerning Norton SafeWeb by looking into website evaluations.

As good as ever Download Insight

In Norton Internet Security2010, Download Insight dissected downloads from Internet Explorer and Firefox. In 2011, we have extended the number and kinds of uses that will be checked by Download Insight. Notwithstanding Internet Explorer and Firefox, the rundown of bolstered applications incorporates programs like Chrome, Opera, and Safari; moment delegates like Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, and MSN Messenger; email customers, for example, Outlook and Outlook Express; download chiefs and FTP customers like FileZilla; and P2P customers like Bittorrent and Limewire.

Moreover, we have added the capacity to progressively extend inclusion of a lot more applications.

For the majority of these applications, when you download an executable record, you will see the natural Download Insight notice letting you know whether the document is sheltered or obscure, or in the event that it is a risk. On the off chance that it is a risk, it will be remediated consequently. For some download applications, you may not see the Download Insight warning during the download yet on the off chance that you attempt to run the downloaded record and the document is obscure or terrible, Download Insight will alarm you previously enabling the document to run.

Norton Rescue Tools

Norton Rescue Tools are a lot of instruments that help you recoup a gravely contaminated PC. Notwithstanding the recognizable Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, this year we are presenting Norton Power Eraser. These devices supplement one another and can be utilized in different circumstances.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

We go over numerous PCs that have been so severely tainted that it is basically difficult to introduce any security item on them. The best way to tidy up these PCs is to utilize the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. Since the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool stacks its own spotless boot condition, it isn’t influenced by malware on the framework. Despite the fact that we had made the ISO picture for this apparatus accessible, it was difficult for clients to copy a CD or DVD from it. You needed to download the ISO and after that discover an application to enable you to copy a CD or DVD. To add to that, numerous ongoing Netbooks don’t have a CD or DVD drive. We expected to give an approach to gain admittance to this apparatus on media that will take a shot at your PC and make it extremely simple to utilize!

In 2011, we have made it extremely simple to make the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool on a CD or DVD, or introduce it on a USB drive. You should simply to go to the “Start” menu, find the Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus envelope and select the “Norton Bootable Recovery Tool” connect. That connection will take you to a Web page where you can download a wizard that will walk you through the way toward making your custom duplicate of the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, as appeared in the accompanying screens.

It is extremely simple to copy the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool on media that you can utilize – CD, DVD, or USB- – or simply make an ISO picture.

The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Wizard likewise enables you to consequently refresh the risk definitions with the most recent form, and it enables you to add drivers required to get to capacity or system gadgets on your specific framework.

Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser supplements Norton Bootable Recovery Tool as a salvage apparatus. It will recognize and fix new malware dangers with unique spotlight on “0-day” malware and top dangers like Fake AV (otherwise called maverick product or wrongdoing product). Here is a screen capture of the instrument’s UI – again easy to utilize:

You can begin checking just by tapping on the “Sweep” catch. You can peruse much progressively about Norton Power Eraser in this independent blog entry.

Execution Alerts

Execution of security items keeps on being a worry among clients. Consistently, Norton takes incredible walks in improving our item’s presentation. This year we have made noteworthy enhancements that will make our items the quickest yet. In a great deal of cases however, there is some other application that is backing your PC off to a creep. Ever thought about whether you could by one way or another know what that application was? Enter Performance Alerts.

In our 2009 items, we put the CPU and Memory meter on our UI. The reason was to demonstrate the world that Norton is lean and mean, and let our clients measure it. In 2010, we presented the presentation chart, which gives you a chance to follow your PC’s CPU and memory utilization after some time, and furthermore tracks establishment of different items on your PC.

In 2011, we have made it one stride further by including constant proactive Performance Alerts. We measure the four wide measurements of execution: CPU utilization, memory use, circle IO, and handle checks. In the event that a specific procedure is taking such a large number of assets, you will get a notice this way:

You can click “Subtleties and Settings” to get more data. For instance, for this situation cpuhog.exe was expending a lot of CPU.

Go to the link for more information: Norton.com/setup

We anticipate that our clients should run real asset hungry applications realizing that they will devour a great deal of assets, so we have enabled you to reject certain applications from being observed. When you reject those applications, you won’t see execution cautions for them.

We did a great deal of research on precisely how much an application can expend before we should caution you. We would prefer not to alarm you too often, yet at the same time need to give you subtleties in the event that you think your PC is running delayed for reasons unknown. We thought of three unique levels dependent on your affectability to framework execution. The default is the medium level yet you can make Performance Alerts less or progressively forceful by changing its levels to high or low separately.

We have likewise considered battery-controlled PCs and consequently brought down our edges with the goal that we let you know whether an application is devouring a lot of something that will deplete your battery quicker.


This is extremely a short rundown of a portion of the key new includes in 2011. There are a few different changes to upgrade the convenience, quality, execution, and ultimately – yet in particular,- – security. We think Norton 2011 items will eclipse the challenge in all territories.

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